As of Version 12.0, VertexRenderingFunction has been superseded by VertexShapeFunction.


is an option for GraphPlot and related functions that gives a function to generate the graphics primitives to use in rendering each vertex.


  • VertexRenderingFunction->f specifies that each vertex should be rendered with the graphics primitives given by f[rk,vk], where rk is the coordinate position where the vertex is being placed, and vk is its name.
  • The graphics primitives obtained by applying VertexRenderingFunction are in effect directly spliced into the graphic generated by a function like GraphPlot. Inset can be used to insert an arbitrary expression.
  • VertexRenderingFunction->({}&) draws nothing for each vertex.
  • VertexRenderingFunction->Automatic renders vertices according to the style specified by VertexLabeling.
  • Settings for PlotStyle define defaults that can be overridden by explicit directives in VertexRenderingFunction.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Draw each vertex using its labels in a disk:

Do not draw a vertex at all:

Use graphics:

Draw vertices as spheres:

Scope  (2)

For large graphs, it is often better not to display vertices:

Draw vertices as graphics:

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