is an option for graphics primitives that specifies the texture coordinates to assign to vertices.


  • VertexTextureCoordinates can be used with various primitives that defined filled shapes, including Polygon, FilledCurve, and GraphicsComplex.
  • VertexTextureCoordinates->{t1,t2,} specifies that coordinate ti should be assigned to vertex i.
  • The texture coordinates ti for each vertex can have the following forms:
  • {u}1D coordinates
    {u,v}2D coordinates
    {u,v,w}3D coordinates
  • The texture coordinates u, v, and w are assumed to range from 0 to 1.
  • Coordinates outside the range 0 to 1 are taken be periodic and equivalent to Mod[u,1] etc.
  • VertexTextureCoordinates->{{t1,t2,},{u1,u2,},} specifies lists of coordinates that should be mapped to the corresponding shapes of a multi-shape specification.
  • VertexTextureCoordinatesAutomatic textures a 2D primitive relative to it's axis aligned bounding box.
  • Textures are taken to be arrays of colors.
  • Texture coordinates follow the same convention as position numbers.
  • For a particular dimension the texture coordinate 0 corresponds to the smallest position and texture coordinate 1 corresponds to the largest position.
  • For a 1D texture, coordinates correspond to:
  • {0}position 1, first element
    {1}position -1, last element
  • For a 2D texture, coordinates correspond to:
  • {0,0}position {1,1}, first row and column
    {1,1}position {-1,-1}, last row and column
  • For a 3D texture, coordinates correspond to:
  • {0,0,0}position {1,1,1}, first row, column, and tube
    {1,1,1}position {-1,-1,-1}, last row, column, and tube
  • The texture coordinates in the interior of the polygon effectively correspond to interpolating between the texture coordinates specified by VertexTextureCoordinates.
  • The texture color corresponding to a texture coordinate is computed by interpolating between neighboring colors in the texture.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Specify vertex coordinates for a 1D texture:

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Specify vertex coordinates for a 2D texture:

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Specify vertex coordinates for a 3D texture:

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See Also

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Introduced in 2010
| Updated in 2018