gives the frequency of word in text.


gives an association of the frequencies of each of the wordi.

Details and Options

  • WordFrequency[text,word] gives the number of occurrences of word divided by the total number of words in text.
  • In WordFrequency[text,word], word can be a multiword string containing spaces. For an n-gram string, the result is divided by the total number of n-grams in text.
  • WordFrequency[text,word1|word2|] gives the total frequency of all the wordi.
  • WordFrequency[{text1,text2,},word] gives a list of frequencies in each of the texti.
  • Possible options include:
  • IgnoreCaseFalsewhether to ignore letter casing
  • WordFrequency[text,word,"CaseVariants"] gives an association that includes frequencies of all variants of upper and lower case.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Find the frequency of the word "the" in a string:

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Find the frequencies for a list of words:

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Introduced in 2016