is an option for Read, Find, and related functions that specifies the list of strings to be taken as delimiters for words.


  • The default setting is WordSeparators{" ","t"}.
  • Strings used as word separators may contain several characters.
  • With the option setting NullWordsFalse, any number of word separators may appear between any two successive words.
  • WordSeparators{{lsep1,},{rsep1,}} specifies different left and right separators for words. Words must have a left separator at the beginning, a right separator at the end, and cannot contain any separators.
  • WordSeparators{} or WordSeparatorsNone does not use word separators, so any record is effectively read as a single word.
  • Strings given as record separators are automatically taken as word separators.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Read the text in a file as a sequence of words:

Use WordSeparators:

Scope  (1)

Setting WordSeparatorsNone is equivalent to reading a record:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2017