MXNet (.json,.params)


Import & Export

  • Import["file.json","MXNet"] imports the MXNet network saved as a .json file, loading weights from a corresponding .params file if available. The parameter file corresponding to "file.json" is assumed to match the pattern "file*.params" and be located in the same folder.
  • Import["file.json",{"MXNet",elem}] imports the net with the specified element elem.
  • Import["file.params","MXNet"] imports the MXNet parameter file saved as a .params file as an association of weights.
  • Import["file.params",{"MXNet",elem}] imports the parameter file with the specified element elem.
  • Export["file.json",net,"MXNet"] exports a trained neural network as a .json file and a corresponding .params file.

Import Elements

  • Net Import elements:
  • "InputNames"names of the net inputs
    "LayerAssociation"list of rules for options, properties and settings
    "Net"import the net as a NetGraph or NetChain
    "NodeDataset"dataset of MXNet symbol nodes
    "NodeGraph"graph of nodes of MXNet symbol
    "NodeGraphPlot"plot of nodes of MXNet symbol
    "UninitializedNet"import the net without any parameters
  • Parameter Import elements:
  • "ArrayAssociation"import the parameter arrays as an association
    "ArrayList"import the parameter arrays as a list
    "ArrayNames"the names of the parameter arrays


  • Import option:
  • "ArrayPath"Automaticpath to the MXNet parameter file
  • Export options:
  • "ArrayPath"Automaticpath to save the parameter arrays to
    "SaveArrays"Truewhether to export the net parameter arrays


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Basic Examples  (1)

Define an initialized NetChain:

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Export the net to the MXNet format:

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Import the net from the MXNet format:

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Import Elements  (11)

Import Options  (1)

Possible Issues  (3)

Introduced in 2017