"DateTime" (Interpreter Type)

Date with time in any standard format or in natural language.


  • "DateTime" can be used in Interpreter and related constructs, including deployed smart form fields.
  • Use of "DateTime" requires connectivity to the Wolfram Cloud.

Allowed Forms

  • All the date specifications allowed by "Date" combined with the time specifications allowed by "Time":
  • 1988/11/23 9:30:34date time
    15:45 June 30th, 1899 ADtime date
    2014-05-20T17:42:55ISO formats
    today @ 1 o'clocknatural language

Restriction Specifications



Basic Examples  (3)

Interpret dates with time:

Interpret dates with time in natural language:

Restrict the value to be within a given range:

Set a resolution of minutes:

Pure dates or pure times are not accepted: