starts the full Wolfram System including notebook interface on Unix and Linux.


  • The Wolfram System notebook interface provides dynamic interactivity and enhanced graphics functionality, and calls the kernel via WSTP to perform calculations.
  • The first calculation in a notebook may take slightly longer, as it typically launches the kernel.
  • The following command-line options are accepted on Unix and Linux:
  • -cleanStartignore stored caches and rebuild the front end preferences file
    -copyrightdisplay copyright information on the command line
    -font fspecify the font used in menus, buttons, etc.
    -helpdisplay a list of all command-line options
    -lmverboseprint diagnostic information to stderr when connecting to MathLM
    -wstpmake the front end run as a child process that is capable of accepting WSTP packets
    -noguiprevent the display of any kind of window or dialogues
    -noSplashScreenprevent the splash screen from being displayed on startup
    -platform platspecify the Qt platform abstraction plugin
    -preferencesDirectory dirspecify the location where preference settings are stored
    -primaryModifierMask maskspecify the primary mask to be used as the command key
    -pwfile filespecify a file in which to look for Wolfram System passwords
    -pwpath pspecify the search path for a password file
    -secondaryModifierMask maskspecify the secondary mask to be used as the command key
    -serverrun in server mode, which disables user interaction
    -singleLaunchallow only one copy of the front end per display
    -style sspecify the widget style used by the front end
    -topDirectory dirspecify the location of the Wolfram System installation directory
    -versionprint the current version of the front end on the command line
  • When using -font, a list of possible font names can be found by using . The name can be expressed either as an X Logical Font Description or as a valid font alias.
  • By default, the X version of the notebook front end effectively uses -platform xcb to use the X Window System Qt Platform Abstraction plugin. When running the front end in server mode, it may be useful to run without an X server by specifying -platform offscreen.
  • If you are running X, an additional menu folder named Wolfram is already installed in the desktop menu. Inside the folder is an item named Mathematica that points to the most recently installed version of the Wolfram System. File associations are modified such that .nb files are associated with the most recently installed version of the Wolfram System.