"LinkedIn" (Service Connection)

Connect your LinkedIn account to the Wolfram Language to retrieve your LinkedIn profile data. Also post messages directly from the Wolfram Language.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["LinkedIn"] creates a connection to the LinkedIn API. If a previously saved connection can be found, it will be used; otherwise, a new authentication request will be launched.


ServiceExecute["LinkedIn","request",params] sends a request to the LinkedIn API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.

User Data


"UserData" data about the specified user's account


"Share" share a message

  • "Message"(required)message to share
    "Visibility""Anyone"who can see the message
  • Parameter Details

    The parameter "Message" also supports an Association with the following entries:
  • "URL"(required)URL of the content being shared
    "Comment"Nonecomment associated with the content being shared up to 700 characters
    "Title"Nonetitle up to 200 characters
    "ThumbnailURL"NoneURL for the content's thumbnail
  • Possible values for "Visibility" include:
  • "Anyone"shared with anyone with a LinkedIn account
    "ConnectionsOnly"shared with your connections
  • Examples

    Basic Examples  (1)

    Create a connection by launching an authentication dialog:

    Get profile information about the authenticated user:

    Share a simple message to the authenticated user's account:

    Share web content, customizing the title, comment and thumbnail: