Export individual cells or whole notebooks in LaTeX format.

From a Whole Notebook...

Start with a notebook

Here is a notebook with a mathematical expression and a graphic:

  • It may be useful to delete input cells before generating TAdjustmentBox[E, BoxBaselineShift -> 0.5, BoxMargins -> {{-0.3, 0}, {0, 0}}]X.

Save the notebook as a LaTeX document

Choose File Save As and save the notebook as a LaTeX document:

From an Expression Programmatically...

Use TeXForm to convert an expression to LaTeX:

Click for copyable input

To keep an expression from evaluating before it is converted, use HoldForm:

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From an Expression Using Menus...

Right-click the selection and choose Copy As LaTeX:

Paste to see the LaTeX expression:


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From an Expression to a File...

Export an expression to a LaTeX file:

To keep an expression from evaluating before it is exported, use HoldForm:

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  • TeX format is inferred from the file name extension, .tex. If the file name does not have a .tex extension, you can specify LaTeX format explicitly by giving Export a second "TeX" argument.