Scrape Data from a Website

Easily extract lists and tables from webpages.

Import webpage data

Data on webpages is often stored in list (<li>...</li>) and table (<table>...</table>) elements. You can extract all of the lists and tables on a page using the "Data" element of Import.

Here is a weather forecast webpage:

Scrape all of the lists and tables on that page:

  • Use "FullData" to include empty elements in the scraped data, preserving the complete structures of lists and tables.

Extract the data you want

Pull out just the temperature data:

Analyze the data

Plot the temperature data. The Temp header in the numerical data is automatically ignored:


If a URL contains data in a format other than HTML, you can often import the data directly. Here is an import of earthquake data in "CSV" format, which is inferred from the csv extension:
If the data format is not clear from the extension, you can specify it explicitly: