Make your data immediately computable and available to the world by submitting it to the Wolfram Data Repository. Both definitive datasets and interesting samples are eligible for publication.

Get a publisher ID

To submit to the Wolfram Data Repository, you must first obtain a publisher ID by visiting the Request a Publisher ID page. See Acquire a Resource System Publisher ID for complete details.

Prepare your data

Data submitted to the Wolfram Data Repository should either be definitivefor example, Tornado Touchdowns in Kansas 2000-2010or be an interesting sample not already contained in the repositoryfor example, Path of the 2007 Greensburg Tornado.

Data submitted to the Wolfram Data Repository is made freely available.

Create a private resource object

Create a private resource object in the Wolfram Cloud, following the steps in Set Up a Personal Data Resource. Open the Metadata section and fill out those fields in addition to the ones at the top of the definition notebook:

When you reach the Deploy Resource Object section, evaluate the expression in the DEPLOY PRIVATELY TO YOUR CLOUD ACCOUNT field:

Verify the data resource webpage

Click the link in the CloudObject output of CloudDeploy to visit your resources webpage. Verify that it looks as it should:

Submit to the Wolfram Data Repository

When you are satisfied that the data resource looks and works as it should, enter your publisher ID in the Submit to the Wolfram Data Repository section of the definition notebook and click Submit:

If you do not receive confirmation of your submission within an hour, send an email to to ask about the status of your submission (please include the name of your resource).

Wolfram Data Repository submissions are normally processed within two business days.