Create a Manipulate

Here is a simple Manipulate for exploring kaleidoscopic patterns of digits:

Operate controls to explore Manipulate content

Drag the sliders and choose from the drop-down menu to explore digit patterns:

  • Press while dragging a slider for fine control. Press for even finer control.

Enter a slider value numerically

To enter an exact value for a slider, click the plus icon () to the right of the slider and type a value in the input field followed by :

Animate a slider

Put a slider in motion by clicking the plus icon () to the right of the slider and clicking the Play button (). You can operate the other controls while the slider is moving:

  • You can animate more than one slider at the same time.

Add a bookmark

As you explore with a Manipulate, you can bookmark interesting combinations of settings with Add To Bookmarks:

Return to a bookmarked setting

To return to a bookmarked setting, choose the bookmark from the Bookmarks/Autorun () menu:

Restore initial settings

To restore the initial Manipulate settings, choose Initial Settings:

Get a snapshot

Extract an expression that will yield the current content of a Manipulate by choosing Paste Snapshot: