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The Options dialog box can be reached from the Tools menu. All settings available in the Options dialog box are automatically saved when closing the dialog box and are restored the next time Simulation Center is started.

The Options dialog box.

Simulation Center

General View

If option Automatically simulate after a successful rebuild is enabled, the experiment is automatically simulated after a successful rebuild.


The General view under the Simulation Center group of the Options dialog box.

Default Experiment View

If the model does not contain embedded experiment settings (see Storing Experiment Settings in Model or Class Browser for information on how to embed experiment settings in a model), all new experiments, when created, will be initialized with the default experiment settings.

If the default experiment settings are changed in the Options dialog box, all new experiments created after that change will receive the new settings. Please note that changing the default experiment settings in the Options dialog box has no effect on the active experiment. See Experiment Settings for more information on the available experiment settings and how to change the settings of a specific experiment.


The Default Experiment view of the Options dialog box.

Debug Output View

To enable debug output for a simulation, choose Tools Options to open the Options dialog box and select the Debug Output view. The amount of debug output can be controlled by setting a verbosity level in combination with enabling output for different subsystems of the simulation. The verbosity level can take one of the following values: Minimal, Normal, or Verbose. Debug output can be enabled for the following subsystems:

Plot View

The Plot view of the Options dialog box.




Configures the behavior of Edit Copy for plot windows, which puts the current plot window on the clipboard as an image.

Real-Time Plot

When running a real-time simulation, the simulation result is streamed to the plot using a network protocol, and the plot is updated frequently. Here it is possible to set how long of a history to keep for the plotted variables and how often the plot should be updated.

Model Plots

Animation View

The Animation view of the Options dialog box.


The default background color used in animations is white; here it is possible to set a custom background color.

CAD Shape Import

If Optimize mesh is enabled, imported meshes will be optimized on import by creating triangular strips; this can increase graphics performance. However, it can be very resource intensive and take a long time for large meshes.


General View

The General view under the Global group of the Options dialog box.

The Number of Recent Files setting chooses how many recent files should be shown in the File menu of Simulation Center and Model Center.

By default, System Modeler places temporary files in a directory in the system temporary directory. By enabling Custom Temporary Directory and choosing a custom directory, these files will instead be placed in the chosen directory. This can be used to work around issues with antivirus software and IT security policies that in certain circumstances prohibit executing files from the system temporary directory.

The Simulation Working Directory setting chooses the working directory for the simulation executable of a model when simulating.

Translation View

The Translation view of the Options dialog box.