Parameters of equivalent machines models

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Stator main inductance

The stator main inductance of an phase induction machine is related with the self inductance of on stator phase, , by:

Parameters of equivalent polyphase induction machines models

Assume a set parameters, , , , , of a three-phase induction machine and a set of parameters, , , , , of an phase induction machine. It is also assumed that

  • the nominal phase voltages
  • the nominal stator frequencies

of the three and phase induction machine are equal. In this case the two parameter sets are related by:

This way the same torque is generated and the machine currents are related by:

The same applies for the rotor parameters of a slip ring induction machine, where the phase number is simply replaced by for transforming equivalent three-phase to phase winding parameters -- at the same nominal rotor voltage and frequency.

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