Type definitions of non SI and other units

Package Contents

Temperature_degC (°C)

Absolute temperature in degree Celsius (for relative temperature use Modelica.Units.SI.TemperatureDifference)

Temperature_degF (°F)

Absolute temperature in degree Fahrenheit (for relative temperature use Modelica.Units.SI.TemperatureDifference)

Temperature_degRk (°Rk)

Absolute temperature in degree Rankine (for relative temperature use Modelica.Units.SI.TemperatureDifference)

Angle_deg (°)

Angle in degree

AngularVelocity_rpm (rev/min)

Angular velocity in revolutions per minute. Alias unit names that are outside of the SI system: rpm, r/min, rev/min

Velocity_kmh (km/h)

Velocity in kilometres per hour

Time_day (d)

Time in days

Time_hour (h)

Time in hours

Time_minute (min)

Time in minutes

Volume_litre (l)

Volume in litres

ElectricCharge_Ah (A⋅h)

Electric charge in Ampere hours

Energy_Wh (W⋅h)

Energy in Watt hours

Energy_kWh (kW⋅h)

Energy in kilo watt hours

Pressure_bar (bar)

Absolute pressure in bar

MassFlowRate_gps (g/s)

Mass flow rate in gram per second

Area_cm (cm²)

Area in cm

PerArea_cm (1/cm²)

Per Area in cm

Area_cmPerVoltageSecond (cm²/(V⋅s))

Area in cm per voltage second


This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.

This package provides predefined types, such as Angle_deg (angle in degree), AngularVelocity_rpm (angular velocity in revolutions per minute) or Temperature_degF (temperature in degree Fahrenheit), which are in common use but are not part of the international standard on units according to ISO 31-1992 "General principles concerning quantities, units and symbols" and ISO 1000-1992 "SI units and recommendations for the use of their multiples and of certain other units".

If possible, the types in this package should not be used. Use instead types of package Modelica.Units.SI. For more information on units, see also the book of Francois Cardarelli Scientific Unit Conversion - A Practical Guide to Metrication (Springer 1997).

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