Knowledge Representation & Access

Deeply integrated into the Wolfram Language is access to the immense and continuously updated Wolfram Knowledgebase also used in Wolfram|Alpha. Free-form linguistics makes it easy to identify many millions of entities and many thousands of properties and automatically generate precise Wolfram Language representations suitable for extensive further computation.


(Ctrl+) give free-form linguistics to be converted to Wolfram Language form

Entity symbolic representation of a named entity of any type (e.g. "City", "Person", ...):

EntityProperty symbolic representation of a property for a type of entity (e.g. "Population"):

EntityValue value of a specific property of an entity (e.g. density of gold)

EntityClass representation of a class of entities of a given type (e.g. G8 countries):

EntityPropertyClass a class of properties of a given type (e.g. demographics)

CommonName common printable name of an entity or property

CanonicalName unique canonical name of an entity or property

EntityTypeName name of the type of an entity

EntityList a list of entities of a given type or class

EntityClassList a list of entity classes of a given type

EntityProperties properties available for a class of entities

GeoPosition geo position (when applicable) for an entity

WikipediaData material from Wikipedia about an entity or topic

ToEntity convert from an ordinary expression (e.g. character) to an entity

FromEntity convert if possible from an entity to an ordinary expression

WolframLanguageData computable data about all built-in Wolfram Language functions

Specific Domains

CountryData  ▪  CityData  ▪  ChemicalData  ▪  FinancialData  ▪  WeatherData  ▪  WordData  ▪  PersonData  ▪  ...

SemanticInterpretation convert free-form linguistics to Wolfram Language form

SemanticImport import data, converting entities, etc. to Wolfram Language form

Interpreter interpret input of various types (e.g. "City", "Date", etc.)

Direct Wolfram|Alpha Access

WolframAlpha get results in many possible forms from Wolfram|Alpha

( at beginning of input) use free-form linguistics to generate Wolfram Language output

( at beginning of input) generate full Wolfram|Alpha output

System Configuration

Edit Preferences... Internet Connectivity enable and disable connectivity to the Wolfram Knowledgebase

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