gives the wavelet function for the symbolic wavelet wave evaluated at x.

gives the wavelet function as a pure function.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The wavelet function satisfies the recursion equation , where is the scaling function and are the high-pass filter coefficients.
  • A discrete wavelet transform effectively represents a signal in terms of scaled and translated wavelet functions , where .
  • WaveletPsi[wave,x,"Dual"] gives the dual wavelet function for biorthogonal wavelets such as BiorthogonalSplineWavelet and ReverseBiorthogonalSplineWavelet.
  • The dual wavelet function satisfies the recursion equation , where are the dual high-pass filter coefficients.
  • The following options can be used:
  • MaxRecursion8number of recursive iterations to use
    WorkingPrecisionMachinePrecisionprecision to use in internal computations
Introduced in 2010
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