Annotating & Combining Graphics

In Mathematica's unified symbolic framework, graphics are treated just like any other expression—to be displayed, arranged, annotated, or manipulated using any of Mathematica's powerful programming, layout, and interactivity primitives.


Labels & Frames »

PlotLabel ▪ Frame ▪ FrameLabel ▪ AxesLabel

Dynamic Annotation

Tooltip add a tooltip to any object

Mouseover ▪ StatusArea ▪ Annotation ▪ PopupWindow ▪ MouseAnnotation

Combining Graphics »

{...,...,...} display as a literal list of graphics

GraphicsGrid display as a resizable grid of graphics

GraphicsRow ▪ GraphicsColumn ▪ Riffle

Show show graphics overlaid

Inset inset a graphic or any object inside a graphic

Labeled, Framed give overall labels or frames

Dynamic Combinations

ListAnimate animate a list of graphics

SlideView ▪ TabView ▪ FlipView

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