Exponential-Related Distributions

Exponential and related distributions occur in a variety of contexts, such as reliability and communication. As such, a large number of extensions and variations of exponential distributions are frequently used.


Exponential and Related Distributions

ExponentialDistribution exponentially decreasing PDF

LaplaceDistribution ▪ LindleyDistribution ▪ LogisticDistribution ▪ RayleighDistribution ▪ SechDistribution ▪ ExponentialPowerDistribution

Phase-Type Distributions

ErlangDistribution sum of identical exponential distributions (phases)

HypoexponentialDistribution sum of different exponential distributions (phases)

HyperexponentialDistribution ▪ CoxianDistribution

Gamma and Related Distributions

GammaDistribution generalized sum of exponential distributions

InverseGammaDistribution ▪ LogGammaDistribution ▪ ExpGammaDistribution ▪ NakagamiDistribution ▪ ChiDistribution ▪ MaxwellDistribution ▪ MoyalDistribution ▪ VarianceGammaDistribution ▪ MeixnerDistribution ▪ TsallisQExponentialDistribution

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