Inverse Functions



Root roots of polynomials and transcendental functions

InverseFunction symbolic functional inverse

DifferentialRoot, DifferenceRoot linear differential, difference equation solutions

Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

ArcSin ▪ ArcCos ▪ ArcTan ▪ ArcSinh ▪ ArcCosh ▪ ArcTanh

Transcendental Solutions


Error Functions

InverseErf ▪ InverseErfc

Gamma and Beta Functions

InverseGammaRegularized ▪ InverseBetaRegularized

Elliptic Functions

InverseJacobiSN ▪ InverseJacobiCN ▪ InverseWeierstrassP ▪ EllipticNomeQ ▪ JacobiAmplitude

Bessel Function Zeros

BesselJZero ▪ BesselYZero ▪ AiryAiZero ▪ AiryBiZero

Zeta Function Zeros


FindRoot invert functions numerically

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