Disk[{x, y}, r]
is a two-dimensional graphics primitive that represents a filled disk of radius r centered at the point x, y.

Disk[{x, y}]
gives a disk of radius 1.

Disk[{x, y}, r, {1, 2}]
gives a segment of a disk.

Disk[{x, y}, {rx, ry}]
gives an elliptical disk with semi-axes of lengths and , oriented parallel to the coordinate axes.


  • Angles are measured in radians counterclockwise from the positive x direction.
  • Disk[{x, y}, {rx, ry}, {1, 2}] yields an elliptical disk segment obtained by transforming a circular disk segment with the specified starting and ending angles. »
  • Scaled[{drx, dry}] or Scaled[{drx, dry}, {rx, ry}] can be used in the radius specification. The are in scaled coordinates, and the are in ordinary coordinates.
  • Disk[{x, y}, Scaled[s]] gives a disk of scaled radius s. »
  • Offset[{ax, ay}] can be used to specify radii in printer's points. »
  • FaceForm and EdgeForm can be used to specify how the interiors and boundaries of disks should be rendered. The default is that no explicit edge is drawn. »
  • Individual coordinates, lists of coordinates, and parameters in disks can be Dynamic objects.
  • Disk[] is equivalent to Disk[{0, 0}]. »
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