Maps & Cartography

The Wolfram Language has fully integrated capabilities for creating highly customized maps, as well as detailed built-in geographic information about all parts of the world. Maps in the Wolfram Language are defined both by geometric and graphical primitives, and by actual geographic entities, which can be entered using free-form linguistics.


Geographic Visualization

GeoListPlot plot points or regions on maps

GeoRegionValuePlot create geographic heat maps

Map Creation

GeoGraphics create maps based on detailed world-wide geographic information


GeoPosition a position on the Earth

$GeoLocation inferred user location

Quantity quantity with units (e.g. km, miles) entered using Ctrl+=

DMSString, DMSList convert to & from DMS notation

Display Elements »

Point point at a particular geographic location

Polygon polygon representing an extended geographic region

Line straight line on the projected map

GeoPath path on the surface of the Earth (geodesic, rhumb, etc.)

Arrow arrow styling on a line or path

GeoDisk, GeoCircle disk, circle of given radius on the surface of the Earth

Disk, Circle disk, circle on the projected map

Style  ▪  Red  ▪  RGBColor  ▪  Opacity  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  Thickness  ▪  Dashing  ▪  ...

GeoGroup group geo objects for purposes of styling

GeoHemisphere, GeoHemisphereBoundary hemispheres of the Earth

GeoVisibleRegion, GeoVisibleRegionBoundary visible region from an elevated point

DayHemisphere  ▪  NightHemisphere  ▪  DayNightTerminator

Map Annotation

GeoMarker pushpin marker on the surface of the Earth

Text arbitrary typeset text at any position

Tooltip tooltip attached to a geo object

PopupWindow popup window attached to a geo object

Mouseover mouseover effect associated with any geographic region or element

GeoLabels whether to label supplied geo objects

Map Styles

GeoStyling styling for rendering any region ("OutlineMap", "StreetMap", "ReliefMap", ...)

Image arbitrary image to use in rendering any geographic region

GeoBackground background map style to be used

GeoZoomLevel zoom level determining amount of detail (typically from 1 to 18)

GeoScaleBar what scale bar to show on a map

Map Positioning

GeoRange geographic region to cover in a map (specified by coordinates or entities)

GeoCenter  ▪  GeoRangePadding

GeoDisk represent a region around a point, with radius given by a quantity with units

Map Projections »

GeoProjection projection to use ("Mercator", "Equirectangular", "Robinson", ...)

GeoProjectionData detailed data on all standard map projections

GeoGridLines  ▪  GeoGridLinesStyle

GeoGridPosition transform geo positions according to a projection

GeoModel overall geodetic model to assume

Geographic Entities »

Entity countries, cities, and other geographic entities, entered e.g. using Ctrl+=

CountryData  ▪  CityData  ▪  AdministrativeDivisionData  ▪  OceanData  ▪  ...

MountainData  ▪  BuildingData  ▪  AirportData  ▪  UniversityData  ▪  ...

Geographically Linked Data »

GeoElevationData  ▪  WeatherData  ▪  AirTemperatureData  ▪  ...

LocalTime  ▪  Sunrise  ▪  ...

Geographic Measures

GeoDistance distance between points or entities on the Earth

GeoDirection direction between points or entities

Importing Geospatial Data »

Import import data, maintaining symbol structure, annotations, etc.

"SHP"  ▪  "SDTS"  ▪  "USGSDEM"  ▪  "TIGER"  ▪  "SP3"  ▪  ...