Partial Differential Equations

The Wolfram Language has powerful functionality based on the finite element method and the numerical method of lines for solving a wide variety of partial differential equations. The symbolic capabilities of the Wolfram Language make it possible to efficiently compute solutions from PDE models expressed as equations.


D  ▪  Grad  ▪  Div  ▪  Curl  ▪  Laplacian  ▪  ...

Inactive represent an operator in an inactive form

NDSolve numerical solution to partial differential equations over a region

NDEigensystem compute eigenvalues and eigenfunctions to PDE over a region

NDSolveValue  ▪  ParametricNDSolveValue  ▪  NDEigenvalues  ▪  ...

Boundary Conditions

DirichletCondition specify Dirichlet conditions for partial differential equations

NeumannValue specify Neumann and Robin conditions

Geometric Regions »

{x,y,}Ω specify the region for the independent variables

Disk  ▪  Ball  ▪  ImplicitRegion  ▪  MeshRegion  ▪  BoundaryMeshRegion  ▪  ...

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