GeoPositionENU[{east, north, up}, p]
represents a point with local Cartesian coordinates in a reference system specified by the position p.


  • GeoPositionENU[{e, n, u}, GeoPosition[{lat, long, h}, datum]] uses a geodetic position to specify the origin of an ENU point.
  • Coordinate values are assumed to be in meters.
  • Typical values for datum specifications include "ITRF00", "NAD83CORS96", and "WGS84".
  • GeoPositionENU coordinates are assumed to have a time coordinate equal to the reference epoch date of the datum that specifies the origin.
  • GeoPositionENU[GeoPositionENU[{x, y, z}, p1], p2] converts between two different ENU systems.
  • GeoPositionENU[coord, p] converts any coordinate type to an ENU position.
  • Mathematica supports the following geographic coordinate types: GeoPosition, GeoPositionENU, GeoPositionXYZ, GeoGridPosition.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

This represents the origin of an ENU coordinate system:

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Convert to a geodetic position:

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