gives the closing of img with respect to a range-r square.


gives the closing of list with respect to a range-r square.


gives the closing of mem with respect to a range-r square.


  • The CUDALink application must be loaded using Needs["CUDALink`"].
  • CUDAClosing works with binary, grayscale, and other images.
  • CUDAClosing works with CUDAMemory and lists.
  • CUDAClosing[image,r] is equivalent to Closing[image,r].
  • If multiple image channels are present, CUDAClosing operates on each of them separately.
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Device"Automaticdevice used for CUDA computation
    Padding"Fixed"value used on boundary
    "OutputMemory"NoneCUDAMemory where output is stored


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Basic Examples  (6)

First, load the CUDALink application:

Morphological closing removes thin, dark features:

Use morphological closing to remove salt-and-pepper noise from a color photo:

Remove small holes in foreground objects:

CUDAClosing works with lists:

CUDAClosing works with graphics objects:

Using CUDAMemory, one can speed up computation by reducing the amount of memory operations. This loads memory onto the CPU:

This performs the closing operation:

This gets the memory back to the CPU:

Memory must be deleted:

Applications  (1)

Clean an astronomical image: