As of Version 7.0, some of the functionality of the Splines Package is now built into the Wolfram Language kernel. »


is a two-dimensional graphics primitive which represents a spline of type type through (or controlled by) points pt1, pt2, .

Details and Options

  • To use Spline, you first need to load the Splines Package using Needs["Splines`"].
  • Possible settings for type are:
  • Cubiccubic spline
    BezierBézier spline
    CompositeBeziercomposite Bézier spline
  • Spline may be used along with other graphics primitives in a Graphics expression.
  • Spline[{pt1,pt2,},type] produces a spline expression of the form Spline[{pt1,pt2,},type,control] where control is information which describes the spline completely.
  • The information in control depends on the kind of spline used.
  • The following options can be given:
  • SplinePoints 25initial number of points sampled in default rendering of spline
    SplineDots Nonestyle to render interpolation or control points of curve
    MaxBend10.maximum angle between successive segments when using adaptive rendering
    SplineDivision 20.maximum amount of subdivision to be used in attempting to generate a smooth curve


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Basic Examples  (1)

Bézier spline controlled by four points:

Cubic spline through four points:

Composite Bézier spline controlled by six points:

Cubic spline through six points:

Options  (3)

SplineDots  (1)

SplineDots shows the control points:

Big purple points for the control points:

SplinePoints  (1)

SplinePoints determines how often to sample the spline for rendering:

SplineDivision  (1)

SplineDivision determines how much to refine the spline for rendering:

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