The Wolfram Language supports state-of-the-art splines for use both in graphics and computational applications. The Wolfram Language allows not just cubic splines, but splines of any degreefor curves, surfaces, and in general manifolds of any dimension. The Wolfram Language can not only handle and import splines numerically, but can also represent them as explicit piecewise symbolic functions, fully integrated with all the Wolfram Language's computational functionality.

Spline Objects

BezierFunction create a function representing a Bézier manifold in any dimension

BSplineFunction create a function representing a B-spline manifold in any dimension

SplineDegree  ▪  SplineKnots  ▪  SplineWeights  ▪  SplineClosed

Basis Functions

BernsteinBasis, BSplineBasis numeric or symbolic spline basis functions

Spline Interpolation

Interpolation create interpolations using splines and other methods

Graphics Primitives

BezierCurve 2D or 3D composite Bézier curves of any degree

BSplineCurve 2D or 3D B-spline (NURB) curves of any degree

BSplineSurface B-spline (NURB) surfaces of any degree

Import and Export

Import, Export import and export splines for fonts, CAD, computer graphics, etc.