is an option for B-spline functions and graphics primitives that specifies whether spline curves or surfaces should be closed.


  • For curves, the setting SplineClosed->True makes the first and last points be connected smoothly.
  • For higher-dimension surfaces and manifolds, SplineClosed->True makes all boundaries be connected smoothly.
  • With the setting SplineClosed->True, all boundaries are connected smoothly.
  • With the setting SplineClosed->{c1,c2,}, the boundaries are connected in directions i for which ci is True.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Generally, a B-spline curve is open and passes through the first and last control points:

Smoothly closed B-spline curve with the same control points:

B-spline closed in the -direction:

Scope  (1)

B-spline surface closed in both directions:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Construct an open B-spline curve from B-spline basis functions:

The basis functions differ by their indices:

Construct a closed B-spline curve from uniform B-spline basis functions:

The basis functions are periodic. Thus they are of the same shape:

Introduced in 2008