UnityCamera [...]

represents a Unity camera.


  • UnityCamera[...] is a object that represents an existing Camera object in the Unity game engine.
  • UnityCamera[...] is typically generated by functions such as CreateUnityCamera.
  • UnityCamera[["Properties"]] gives a list of possible properties.
  • The value associated with a given property "prop" can be extracted using UnityCamera[...][["prop"]].
  • You can make an assignment like UnityCamera[...][["prop"]]=value to modify a property of the object.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Load the package and open a project:

Create a Unity camera:

Get properties:

Delete the Unity camera:

Properties & Relations  (4)

UnityCameraQ checks if an expression is a UnityCamera:

PropertyList returns all available properties of the camera.

PropertyValue returns the value of the specified property.

SetProperty changes the specified property of the camera.