Tokens Related to the Evaluation Menu

The Wolfram Language allows any front end command to be executed programmatically from within the kernel by sending an appropriate front end token. There are tokens for all standard menu commandsas well as ones not accessible directly with the default front end menu configuration.

FrontEndTokenExecute execute a menu-like command specified by a front end token

"EvaluateCells" evaluate the selected cells

"Evaluate" evaluate the selection in place, pasting output over the selection

"SubsessionEvaluateCells" evaluate the selected cells in a subsession (Dialog)

"EvaluateInitialization" evaluate all initialization cells in the notebook

"ToggleDynamicUpdating" toggle automatic updating of dynamic objects

"EvaluatorHalt" interrupt the current evaluation and display the evaluation stack

"DebuggerContinue" continue an interrupted evaluation until the next breakpoint

"DebuggerStep" stop the evaluation at the beginning of the next expression

"DebuggerStepIn" stop the evaluation at the next possible stopping point

"DebuggerStepOut" stop the evaluation at the end of the current stack frame

"DebuggerFinish" make the debugger finish the evaluation, ignoring all breakpoints

"DebuggerToggleBreakpoint" convert all warning messages into breakpoints

"EvaluatorAbort" abort a kernel operation

"RemoveFromEvaluationQueue" cancel pending evaluation of a cell

"FindEvaluatingCell" scroll to the cell currently evaluating

"ModifyEvaluatorNames" configure local and remote kernels

"CellContextDialog" set the default context for newly created symbols