Flow Control

Traditional procedural programming languages typically require programmers to define an explicit "flow of control" at every stage in their programs. The Wolfram Language provides standard flow control primitives, with various symbolic extensionsthough its higher-level programming paradigm usually frees programmers from having to specify the details of flow control.

Return return from any function

Break, Continue break, continue in procedural looping constructs

Goto, Label largely obsolete explicit procedural flow control

Throw "throw" any expression to be "caught" by a surrounding Catch

Confirm  ▪  ConfirmBy  ▪  ConfirmMatch  ▪  ConfirmQuiet  ▪  ConfirmAssert  ▪  Enclose

WithCleanup do cleanup before returning the value of an expression

Abort generate an abort

Interrupt  ▪  CheckAbort  ▪  AbortProtect  ▪  PropagateAborts

TimeConstrained, MemoryConstrained run with constraints

Pause pause for a specified time

Dialog initiate a subsession dialog

Input  ▪  DialogInput  ▪  ChoiceDialog  ▪  DialogReturn