generates an interrupt to abort a computation.


  • You can call Abort anywhere within a computation. It has the same effect as an interactive interrupt in which you select the abort option.
  • You can use Abort as an "emergency stop" in a computation.
  • Once Abort has been called, Wolfram Language functions currently being evaluated return as quickly as possible.
  • In an interactive session, the final result from an aborted computation is $Aborted.
  • You can use CheckAbort to "catch" returns from an abort.


Basic Examples  (3)

Abort execution of a sequence of commands:

A function for doing fixed-point iteration that aborts if the value gets above a certain limit:

An unstable iteration:

A stable iteration to approximate GoldenRatio:

Abort the numerical solution of a differential equation if the solution would become complex:

Introduced in 1991