Importing & Exporting in Notebooks

The symbolic architecture of Wolfram System notebooks allows immediate interoperability with a wide range of document, web, graphics, and other formats. The Wolfram System automatically performs Copy/Paste and Open/Save conversions, as well as providing full programmatic access to hundreds of import/export formats.

Copy As copy from a notebook in formatted form, plain text form (), etc.

Paste automatically paste from many external formats, offering automatic conversions

Print print to a printer or a PDF file

Print Selection () print a selection from within a notebook

Send To send a notebook as email

Open open a wide range of file types as notebooks

Save As () save a whole notebook in HTML, PDF, or many other formats

SaveSelectionAs save an individual graphic or other selection in any standard format

Import, Export programmatically import, export individual expressions

"PDF"  ▪  "HTML"  ▪  "XHTMLMathML"  ▪  "XML"  ▪  "RTF"  ▪  "TeX"