Mathematical Data

The Wolfram Language provides direct access to a large volume of mathematical data, specially organized and created for the Wolfram Language. The data is available in a wide range of forms suitable for direct integration into Wolfram Language computations.

FiniteGroupData properties of named finite groups

GraphData properties of named and enumerated graphs

KnotData properties of enumerated knots

LatticeData properties of named lattices

PolyhedronData geometry and properties of polyhedra

PlaneCurveData  ▪  LaminaData  ▪  SpaceCurveData  ▪  SurfaceData  ▪  SolidData

MathematicalFunctionData properties and relations of mathematical functions

FindSequenceFunction find functional forms for integer sequences

ExampleData example and test-case data

Import, Export import, export mathematical data

"Graph6"  ▪  "Sparse6"  ▪  "HarwellBoeing"  ▪  "MTX"  ▪  ...

Integrate, DSolve, FullSimplify, ... immediately use mathematical data