Mathematical Data

The Wolfram Language provides direct access to a large volume of mathematical data, specially organized and created for the Wolfram Language. The data is available in a wide range of forms suitable for direct integration into Wolfram Language computations.

FiniteGroup named and enumerated finite groups

Knot named and enumerated knots

Polyhedron standard named polyhedra

Graph named and enumerated graphs

Lattice named lattices in any dimension

Direct Access by Size or Class

FiniteGroupData  ▪  KnotData  ▪  PolyhedronData  ▪  GraphData  ▪  LatticeData

Geometric Constructs

Solid named solids (e.g. torus)

Surface named surfaces (e.g. torus, sphere, ellipsoid)

Lamina PlaneCurve SpaceCurve

LatticeSystem PeriodicTiling NonperiodicTiling

CrystalFamily CrystalSystem CrystallographicSpaceGroup

Mathematical Objects

MathematicalFunction named mathematical functions

IntegerSequence ContinuedFraction

FindSequenceFunction find functional forms for integer sequences

Mathematical Structures

AxiomaticTheory parametrized axioms, theorems, etc. for standard axiomatic theories

FunctionSpace TopologicalSpaceType ComputationalComplexityClass

Mathematical Problems and Games

FamousMathProblem FamousMathGame

External Mathematical Data

ResourceData access mathematical data in the Wolfram Data Repository

ExampleData built-in example and test-case data

Import import mathematical data from files, URLs, etc.

"Graph6"  ▪  "Sparse6"  ▪  "HarwellBoeing"  ▪  "MTX"  ▪  ...

Internally Computed Mathematical Data

Integrate, DSolve, FullSimplify, ... derive mathematical data by computation