New in 6.0: Matrix & Linear Algebra Functions

Version 6.0 continued Mathematica's commitment to delivering the latest and most efficient algorithms for linear algebra, generalized to arbitrary precision and with full symbolic capability. A notable feature is that the symbolic structure of Mathematica has made possible uniquely flexible specifications for general banded matrices.

New Matrix Structure Functions

Span (;;) extract sequences and sub-blocks from vectors and matrices

Band symbolically specify generalized banded matrix structures

ArrayFlatten generalized block-matrix constructor

Diagonal extract the diagonal of a matrix

HermitianMatrixQ  ▪  PositiveDefiniteMatrixQ

New in Matrix Operations

LeastSquares solve linear least-squares problems given in matrix form

MatrixExp, MatrixPower (modified) now allow application to a vector

HermiteDecomposition Hermite normal form of a matrix

New Vector Space Functions

Normalize  ▪  Orthogonalize  ▪  Projection  ▪  UnitVector  ▪  ConstantArray

New Special Matrices

HilbertMatrix  ▪  HankelMatrix  ▪  ToeplitzMatrix  ▪  DiagonalMatrix (modified)

New Geometric Transformations »

RotationMatrix  ▪  ShearingMatrix  ▪  AffineTransform  ▪  ...