Structural Operations on Expressions

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture immediately allows it to perform structural transformations not only on objects like lists, but also on general symbolic expressions that can represent concrete or abstract data of any kind.

Flatten flatten out nested functions (associativity)

Thread thread a function over lists or other constructs

Sort sort elements of an expression (commutativity)

FlattenAt flatten particular elements

Distribute apply distributivity to nested functions

Reverse  ▪  Transpose  ▪  Outer

Join join expressions together

Append  ▪  Prepend  ▪  Take  ▪  Drop

Operations on Numbered Parts »

Part ([[...]])  ▪  ReplacePart  ▪  MapAt  ▪  ReplaceAt  ▪  ...

Head-Related Operations

Through  ▪  Operate  ▪  Composition