"threads" f over any lists that appear in args.


threads f over any objects with head h that appear in args.


threads f over objects with head h that appear in the first n args.


  • Functions with attribute Listable are automatically threaded over lists.
  • All the elements in the specified args whose heads are h must be of the same length.
  • Arguments that do not have head h are copied as many times as there are elements in the arguments that do have head h. »
  • Thread specifies arguments using the standard sequence specification:
  • Allall elements
    Noneno elements
    nelements 1 through n
    -nlast n elements
    {n}element n only
    {m,n}elements m through n inclusive
    {m,n,s}elements m through n in steps of s


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Basic Examples  (3)

Convert equations for lists to lists of equations:

Apply a function to both sides of an equation:

Scope  (9)

Sequence Specifications  (7)

By default, thread over all arguments:

Do not thread at all:

Thread over the first two arguments only:

Thread over the last two arguments only:

Thread over argument 2 only:

Thread over arguments 2 through 4:

Thread over every other argument:

Head Specification  (2)

By default, thread over lists:

By default, does not thread over heads other than List:

Thread with respect to Plus:

Generalizations & Extensions  (1)

Elements that are not lists are repeated:

Applications  (3)

Build a list of rules:

Equate coefficients in a polynomial equation:

Alternatively, use SolveAlways:

Form pairs with a constant second element:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Functions with attribute Listable are threaded automatically over lists:

MapThread works like Thread, but takes the function and arguments separately:

The function to thread over can be List as well:

In this case, the result is the same as a transposition:

Possible Issues  (1)

Thread evaluates the whole expression before threading:

MapThread takes the function and its arguments separately:

Suppressing evaluation has a similar effect:

Introduced in 1988