Defining Variables and Functions

The symbolic language paradigm of the Wolfram Language takes the concept of variables and functions to a new level. In the Wolfram Language a variable can not only stand for a value, but can also be used purely symbolically. And building on the Wolfram Language's powerful pattern language, "functions" can be defined not just to take arguments, but to transform a pattern with any structure.

x= set a variable

f[x_]:= define a function that takes any single argument

Assignments »

Set (=) immediate assignment (right-hand side evaluated immediately)

SetDelayed (:=) delayed assignment (right-hand side evaluated only when used)

Unset (=.) unset a variable

Clear clear a function definition

Function Argument Patterns »

__(BlankSequence)  ▪  p|p(Alternatives)  ▪  p:e (Optional)

Bodies of Functions »

Module, ... scope local variables

e;e;e (CompoundExpression) execute expressions in sequence

Function Attributes »

Attributes  ▪  Flat  ▪  Orderless  ▪  Listable  ▪  HoldFirst  ▪  Protected