How to | Export Graphics

You may want to export a graphic for use outside the Wolfram Language. You have a large set of choices of raster and vector formats.

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Selected examples from the video:

Plot a graph of :

Select the graph by clicking the graph or the cell, then select File Save Selection As. In the Save As dialog box, select the file type in the Save as type: dropdown menu. Here, the graphic is saved as a JPEG:


You can also simply use Copy and Paste to export a graphic.

With the graphic selected, use either the Edit Copy menu item, the (PC) or (Macintosh) keyboard shortcuts, or Copy Graphic from the contextual menu that appears after right-clicking the graphic.

Here, Copy Graphic is selected from the contextual menu:


You can also use Export to export a graphic. Export a graph of as a JPEG:

The same result is produced by setting a graphic to a symbol, and then exporting the symbol:

Regardless of the method that you use to export graphics, you can use them in other Wolfram System notebooks or any other program that supports the file format.