How to | Label a Plot

The Wolfram Language provides flexible options for labeling plots, allowing you to present ideas more clearly in presentations and publications.

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There are several methods of adding a label to a plot. You can use PlotLabel, Labeled, or interactively add text to a plot using Drawing Tools. For a description of adding text to plots using Drawing Tools, see How to: Add Text outside the Plot Area and How to: Add Text to a Graphic.

To add a centered label to the top of a plot, use the PlotLabel option:

You can control the appearance of the label by wrapping it in Style options:

If the plot has a background color, the plot extends to include the label:

To put a label underneath a plot, like a caption, use Labeled:

To use the same font and style that is used in graphics, set the label style to "Graphics":

In this case, the background of the plot does not include the label: