How to | Plot Data

The Wolfram Language offers extensive support for plotting all kinds of data in many different ways.

Consider the following data to be plotted (stored as sdata):

Use ListPlot to plot sdata:

Plot sdata by filling to the axis:

Specify a color and increase the size of the data points:

Use ListLinePlot to plot sdata with a connecting line:

Create another set of data to plot (stored as cdata):

Plot sdata and cdata together:

Use ListPolarPlot to plot cdata as points at polar coordinates:

Define another dataset to plot (stored as data):

The dataset has 31 sublists:

Plot only specific parts of data:

Connect these points with lines:

Generate a 3D scatter plot of points with an array of height values for data using ListPointPlot3D:

Use ListPlot3D to plot data as a surface:

Use ListDensityPlot to generate a density plot from the height values of data:

Use ListContourPlot to generate a contour plot instead:


This constructs a Demonstration of data plotting: