gives the cloud UUID of a currently logged-in user, or the user who owns a cloud object containing the code used for the current evaluation.


  • $CloudUserUUID returns the cloud user UUID relative to your current $CloudBase. On https://www.wolframcloud.com this will be the same as $WolframUUID, although it may be different on a Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud.
  • Since every cloud object must have an owner, there is always a definite value for $CloudUserUUID for any evaluation occurring in the cloud.
  • $CloudUserUUID may differ from $RequesterCloudUserUUID.
  • For a desktop system not authenticated against the cloud, $CloudUserUUID is None.
  • A cloud user UUID is a unique permanent identifier associated with a user.


Basic Examples  (1)

Give the cloud user UUID for the user:

Introduced in 2017