As of Version 11.3, $EntityStores has been superseded by the functions EntityRegister, EntityStores and EntityUnregister.


is a global variable that gives a list of all entity stores that are automatically accessed when Entity is used.


  • When evaluating an expression like Entity["type","name"][property], data is retrieved from the first EntityStore in $EntityStores that contains "type".
  • Entity types present in $EntityStores are considered before built-in entity types.
  • During assignments, Entity["type","name"][property]=value data is stored in the first EntityStore in $EntityStores that contains "type". If no EntityStore in $EntityStores contains "type", a new EntityStore is prepended to $EntityStores.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Add an entity store in which to look for entities of type "MyType":

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Scope  (2)

Introduced in 2016