gives the bisector of the interior angle at p formed by the triangle with vertex points p, q1 and q2.


gives the angle bisector of the specified type.



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Basic Examples  (1)

Calculate an angle bisector:

Scope  (2)

Find an interior angle bisector:

Find an exterior angle bisector:

Properties & Relations  (4)

AngleBisector finds the interior angle bisector by default:

The angle bisector divides the angle into two equal angles:

The exterior angle bisector divides the exterior angle into two equal angles:

TriangleConstruct[{a,b,c},"AngleBisector"] is equivalent to AngleBisector[{a,b,c}]:

Possible Issues  (2)

The three points must be distinct:

AngleBisector only works in 2D:

Introduced in 2019