multiplies all samples of audio by a factor s.


  • AudioAmplify can be used to amplify or attenuate audio signals.
  • AudioAmplify multiplies each sample value with the factor s.
  • In AudioAmplify[audio,s], with s>1 the audio is amplified; with s<1 the audio is attenuated.
  • The multiplier s can be any non-negative real number or can be given in decibels.
  • A scalar value s is equivalent to in decibels.
  • Use AudioNormalize to uniformly amplify or attenuate all elements.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Amplify an audio signal:

Amplify an audio signal:

Scope  (1)

The amplification parameter can be specified in decibels:

Negative decibel values attenuate a signal:

Properties & Relations  (3)

AudioAmplify is equivalent to multiplying the signal by the amplification factor:

Use AudioAmplify to normalize a signal:

This would be equivalent to calling AudioNormalize:

Compare the power spectra of a signal and its amplified versions:

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