is an option for graphics functions that specifies where any axes drawn should cross.


  • In 2D graphics, AxesOrigin->{x,y} specifies that the axes should cross at the point {x,y}.
  • In 3D graphics, AxesOrigin->{x,y,z} specifies that the axes should cross at the point {x,y,z}.
  • In 2D graphics, AxesOrigin->Automatic uses an internal algorithm to determine where the axes should cross. If the point is within, or close to, the plotting region, then it is usually chosen as the axes origin.
  • In contour and density plots, AxesOrigin->Automatic puts axes outside the plotting area.
  • In 3D graphics, AxesOrigin->Automatic puts axes on the outer box.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Determine the axes origin automatically:

Specify the axes origin explicitly:

Scope  (2)

By default, if is within the range, it is chosen to be the axes origin:

If is not within the range, an internal algorithm determines the axes origin:

Properties & Relations  (1)

In 3D, AxesEdge specifies on which bounding box edge the axes should be drawn:

Neat Examples  (1)

Move the axes origin using a locator:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2008