gives the list of bonds in the molecule mol.


gives the list of bonds in the molecule mol matching the atom pattern patt.


gives the value for the specified property of the bonds matching patt.


  • Possible values for patt are:
  • "order"a bond with a specified bond order
    Bond[{a1,a2},"order"]a bond with atoms defined by ai
    MoleculePattern[]a molecule pattern with one bond
    patt1|patt2|a bond matching any of the patti
  • The ai may be an atom index or a pattern representing an atom.
  • Possible values for "prop" include:
  • "BondIndex"bond index
    "BondLength"Euclidean distance between the given atoms
    "BondType"bond type
    "ConjugatedBondQ"conjugated bond


Basic Examples  (3)

Get all the bonds from a molecule:

Get only the carbon-carbon bonds:

Get only the double bonds:

Get only the carbon-carbon double bonds:

Use a pattern to find all exocyclic bonds:

Give the results to MoleculePlot to visualize the bonds in place:

Compare bond lengths for different types of carbon bonds:

Introduced in 2019