represents a censored event time t with censoring c.


represents a vector of censored event times ti with censoring c.


represents a vector of event times ti with corresponding censoring ci.


  • Censoring[data,cens] is typically used as a way to preprocess data for SurvivalDistribution when data is provided with a separate censoring vector.
  • The following censoring types c can be used in Censoring[t,c]:
  • 0, None{t,t}no censoring
    1, Right{t,}right-censoring


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use with right-censored data in SurvivalDistribution:

Convert tables with censoring indicators to interval notation:

Scope  (6)

Convert a right-censored observation to interval notation:

Alternatively, use Right:

Work with left-censored observations:

Alternatively, use Left:

The observation is unchanged in the absence of censoring:

You can also specify no censoring as None:

Thread a single censoring indicator over a list of events:

Use a mix of censoring indicators:

Interval-censored observations are converted as well:

Possible Issues  (1)

A dataset of length 2 is treated as a single interval-censored observation:

One right-censored observation results in:

If two observations were intended, use two indicators:

Introduced in 2010