is an option for ClusteringTree and Dendrogram that specifies the intercluster dissimilarity.


  • Possible settings for ClusterDissimilarityFunction include:
  • "Single"smallest intercluster dissimilarity
    "Average"average intercluster dissimilarity
    "Complete"largest intercluster dissimilarity
    "WeightedAverage"weighted average intercluster dissimilarity
    "Centroid"distance from cluster centroids
    "Median"distance from cluster medians
    "Ward"Ward's minimum variance dissimilarity
    a pure function
  • The function f defines a distance from any two clusters.
  • The function f needs to be a real valued function of the DistanceMatrix.


Basic Examples  (1)

Obtain a cluster hierarchy from a list of colors:

Compare it with the clustering obtained using different cluster dissimilarities:

Show the same results using dendrograms:

Introduced in 2016