is an option for SurvivalModelFit and other functions that specifies the range over which simultaneous confidence intervals and bands are computed.


  • ConfidenceRange affects values of properties related to simultaneous confidence intervals and bands.
  • Possible settings for ConfidenceRange include:
  • Alluse the range of noncensored data
    Fulluse the full range of the data
    {tmin,tmax}explicitly set the confidence range
  • The values tmin and tmax can be any real numbers such that tmin<tmax.
  • For a survival model with estimation points ep, the setting Full is equivalent to the setting {Min[ep],Max[ep]}.
  • The setting All is equivalent to the setting {Min[nc],Max[nc]}, where nc are the endpoints of noncensored and interval-censored data values.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Set the range over which simultaneous confidence bands are estimated in a SurvivalModel:

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A 95% confidence envelope about the survival function from 200 to 400:

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Scope  (2)

Introduced in 2012